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Popular topics

If I want a refund, how long will it take before I get my money back?
We will need a little time to process your return. But as a rule you won’t have to wait more than 21 working days to have your money refunded.
How do I care for my On running shoes?
We recommend washing the shoes rarely. Please don’t use laundry detergent and wash in cold water.
How can I get replacement laces?
We are currently working to stock our web-shop with laces to make it easier for you to order direct in the future. We estimate laces to be back in stock next year and look forward to offering you the ability to order then.
What model of Ons is right for me?
You’re after our shoe finder – which will ask you questions to find the perfect running shoe for your goals.

If you're thinking of switching to On from another running shoe brand, follow our shoe matcher to find the style most recommended for you.
What if I find that I don’t like the On products I ordered?
If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, which is why we’ve made returns and exchanges quick and easy. You have 30 days from the time you receive your order to make up your mind and we'll even cover return shipping (with a few exceptions noted below*). We simply ask that products be returned in their original condition and packaging (including sock orders, which must also have packaging intact). Please complete the return form online.
*Free return shipping is not yet covered for the following countries: India, Indonesia and Malaysia. *Expedited shipping will not be refunded in the case of returns/exchanges, just the basic cost of return shipping only.


How can I find out if I have a local dealer who has Ons in stock?
Details of all our dealers are included on our website. You’ll find these in our dealer locator, which you can directly access here.
Where is On based?
On has offices all over the world. You can see exactly where, and learn more about our global team, right here

Product-related questions

How long will a pair of Ons usually last?
It depends on many different factors, such as running style, weight and the surface you run on, but generally shoes (not just Ons) last between 300 to 500 miles (approx. 482 - 800 km) depending on the model and materials used. After this distance, wear and tear should be easy to see, enabling you to replace your shoe before you are injured.
I overpronate/oversupinate – are Ons still good for me?
Our CloudTec® cushioning system adapts to each runner’s individual style, activating muscles and stabilizing ankles to make overpronation/oversupination part of your natural running movement. So yes.
I have always worn supporting running shoes in view of my overpronation. If Ons don’t provide such support, are they really right for me?
A certain amount of pronation is part of any normal running motion. It helps to cushion the forces felt when the heel touches down, easing the pressure on the rest of the locomotor system. With insufficiently strong muscles or weak connective tissues, however, a runner may develop overpronation over the years. But this can be corrected by building up the muscles concerned. And with their adaptive cushioning technology, Ons can actually help the wearer to build up these muscles in an effective and sustainable way.
Are Ons suitable for any kind of gait: normal, bow-legged, knock-kneed?
With our CloudTec® technology, your On shoes adapt to your particular running style, regardless of whether you are slightly bow-legged or knock-kneed. If the condition is more extreme, however, you may be well advised to take additional strength training to work on your gait.
Are Ons suitable for heavier-set runners?
The heavier the runner, the lower the benefit from On’s cushioning effect. However, with our advanced CloudTec® technology, our shoes offer running comfort and soft landings for wearers of all sizes. The Cloudace is one of the best options for heavier-set runners, offering additional cushioning and support with a sole designed with both Rebound Rubber and Zero-Gravity foam elements. It is a shoe designed for maximal comfort and stability. The Cloudflyer is also a popular choice thanks to its stability support and reinforced Cloud elements. In the end, for most people, whatever feels best is the shoe you should go with.

Ordering and payment

How can I order my Ons?
Both our shoes and Performance Running Gear can be purchased online through our secure webshop, shops of our dealers or through our distributors around the world. Please find our dealer locator here.
If I want to order my Ons online, do I have to open a customer account?
No, not at all. You do not need to create a customer account to complete your purchase at On.
How will I know if the model and color I've selected is currently in stock?
Through our webshop, we make sure that you can only order products that are currently available and in stock. If the product you’re after is temporarily sold out, you can leave your email address to be notified when it becomes available again.
How will I know you've received my order, and when will the payment be debited to me?
We’ll send you an email confirmation of your order as soon as your payment has been approved, and we will debit your credit card or PayPal account after your purchase.
Will I be kept informed of the latest status of my order?
As soon as your payment has been approved, we’ll send you a purchase confirmation of your order and tracking information via email.

Shipping and returns

What countries do you ship to?
We already ship to over 50 countries around the world, and are adding more all the time. Should you not find your country of residence on the list at the bottom of the page, please use the dealer locator to see if Ons are available from any dealers in your country.
How quickly will I get my Ons, and how much will the shipping cost?
We want you to run on clouds in no time, so the answer is - as speedy as possible. Depending your country and delivery option, the delivery will take between one and six business days. Just check in the shopping basket how long it takes to deliver your Ons to your country of residence.

We want you to concentrate on your running. So for most countries we cover the shipping costs, as well as any customs charges involved. Shipping costs will occur if you order from India, Indonesia, Israel or Malaysia. If your order doesn’t meet the minimum order value to qualify for free shipping (which varies by country), the shipping cost will be displayed in checkout.
Will my package be insured?
Yes – all products sent from us are covered by standard insurance, so there is no need to worry.
How long will it take you to ship my order?
We will need a little time to process your order, of course. When we send you our confirmation that they have shipped, we’ll also give you the tracking information for your order, including the carrier we are using.
What is the warranty on my products?
As a premium brand On is always eager to ensure the highest quality. If your On is defective, or even has been sent with a defect, please fill in this warranty claim and submit online. You will find the requested order number on your return document in your package. If you bought your Ons at one of our dealers, please reach out to them and process the warranty with them.

After you submitted your claim we will respond within 24 hours and you will receive an answer via email. If we accept the claim we will send the new product and you can send us your defective one back with the prepaid return label in your package.

Please find further information on your return sheet in the package.


How can I be sure that any personal details I give you will be kept private?
You can rest assured that we will treat any data you provide us with as strictly confidential. Needless to say, this also includes not passing such data on to any third party. You’ll find full details of our privacy policy here.
Is it safe to buy my Ons online?
Don't worry: we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to make your online shopping with us as simple and safe as possible. SSL both encrypts and protects all the data you send us over the Internet. When SSL is activated, a padlock will be shown in the address line on your browser and/or the address will begin not with the usual "http" but with "https". So when you see this, you can sit back and shop with us knowing that all your transactions are totally safe and secure.